Burger Wellington 2015 Week 2 Roundup

Today marks the end of this years Wellington on a Plate festival and with it, Burger Wellington. A sad day.

Oh well. I slowed down on the burgers this week only managing 4. I’m glad that they were all good burgers.

You can read the week 1 round up here for my first 8 burgers.

Note: I have listed where I have tried the beer matches.

Café Medici – Smokey and the Lambit

Lightly smoked Pirinoa Station lamb patty with whipped Kingsmeade goat’s cheese and Croft Estate Pinot Noir jelly in a Clareville Bakery pretzel bun, with polenta chips.

Matched w Garage Project Hāpi Daze

cafe medichi smokey and the lambit

As I signed off the week 1 roundup we were on our way to Cafe Medici to try their burger. Cafe Medici took out the challenge last year with a double beef burger (I think) and are hoping to follow up with another win this year with lamb. Lamb was very popular this year but to differentiate themselves Cafe Medici used shredded lamb formed into the shape of a pattie with a pinot noir jelly and a whipped goats cheese sauce wrapped in a pretzel bun served with polenta chips. Damn this one was deceptive. At first it looks relatively small but once you get into it and cut it up to eat – there is a lot of lamb. The flavours were good, the pretzel bun was good and the chips were different. I managed to finish the burger but struggled on the chips. Washed down with the the Garage Project Hapi Daze, it was refreshing. Not a bad effort.

Egmont St. Eatery – Cheese, Beets and Meat

Primestar’s aged beef patty with smoked beetroot relish, fried pickled onions and housemade Jack cheese blend in a fresh steamed bun – all housemade

egmont eatery cheese beets meat

Monday lunch I managed to get to the Egmont St Eatery as it is pretty close to the office. Their offering was a simple beef pattie with cheese and a beetroot relish. The steam bun was soft, fresh and delicious. It was a perfect size for lunch and tasted great. Wasn’t served with fries and I felt that the price was quite steep at $20. Would eat again if it was around $12.

Fork & Brewer – Lambminton Burger

Wairarapa lamb and mint patty with greens, Fork & Brewer cider beetroot relish, caramelised onions and smoky cheddar in toasted Pandoro brioche bun, with spicy wedges

the fork & brewer lambminton burger

I went the rest of the week without any burgers (oh the agony) but it was soon Friday and it was Friday lunch time at the Fork & Brewer. Lamb again this time with a beetroot relish cheddar cheese in a long(?) brioche bun served with seasoned wedges. Those were some good wedges. The burger was quite big so I cut up into quarters to eat, burgers always taste better when you get a taste of all the ingredients in a mouthful. Matched it up with one of the Fork & Brewers own brews – Godzone Beat, a tasty pale ale. Great burger, great wedges, great beer.

The Butcher and Brewer – The Smoked Burgernator

Beef with Randwick Meats streaky bacon, charred pineapple, guacamole, pulled pork with Kererū dark beer cheese and housemade Bloody Butcher ketchup in a kaiser roll.

Matched w Garage Project White Mischief

butcher & brewer the smoked burgernator

My last burger of the challenge was a Petone local at The Butcher & Brewer. I’m glad it was a good one! It tasted so fresh, the pattie was cooked to medium rare and was super juicy and the chips were damn good. Simple shoestring with great season and a kick ass sauce. The burger was able to be eaten with one hand and damn it was messy. Delicious and messy. I could have done without the coleslaw on the side. I didn’t even bother with it.


That wraps up the Burger Wellington challenge of 2015. My top 3 burgers this year were Duke Carvell’s Smokey & The Bandit, St John’s Juicy and Pan de Muerto’s Burger Mexicana.

There were a lot of solid entries last year and gutted that I only got to try 12. I’ll see if I can put in a better effort next year.

Did you get out and try any burgers this year? Let me know in the comments below.