How to Cook Sausages on the Weber

Big Bad Wolf Sausages on the Weber

If you’re like me, you have been to many fantastic backyard barbecues for any number of occasions. These barbecues would always feature sausages in a slice of buttered white bread topped up with some Watties tomato sauce.

The thing was though, the sausages would always be grilled directly over the gas burner, the exterior would always end up burnt and the interior undercooked. Not fun or enjoyable to eat.

How do I Cook Sausages?

I set up my Weber Go-Anywhere for two-zone indirect heat, using indirect heat makes cooking sausages really easy. You should also have a digital thermometer handy, as this will take the guess work out of when the sausages are done.

Weber Go-Anywhere Two-Zone Setup

Select your sausages carefully. I use fresh and locally made sausages from Big Bad Wolf for this. Beef and blue cheese and pork and watercress.

Big Bad Wolf Beef & Pork Sausages Cooking


Follow these steps to cook sausages perfectly every time

  1. Get the barbecue temperature to 180°C with coals to one side and a drip tray on the other.
  2. When ready place the sausages on the cooking zone of the barbecue.
  3. Close the lid and let the sausages cook for around 10 minutes.
  4. Pop the lid and insert your thermometer into one of the sausages, you should be around halfway at 35-40°C, flip them over once and replace the lid.
  5. Check in another 20 minutes and once they are 70°C  you can give them a quick sear directly over the coals for a couple of minutes to brown the skin slightly.
  6. Enjoy!

Big Bad Wolf Beef & Pork Sausages Searing