Pork Crackling Bits

Pork Crackling

The best thing about smoking a pork shoulder aside from having a smoked pork shoulder is creating  pork crackling using the discarded pig skin.

This dish is best prepared the night before right after you dry rub your pork shoulder. Using leftover pork rub and soaking in red wine vinegar will result in the perfect snack to accompany your beer or an excellent addition to a pulled pork sandwich.

Pork Crackling Bits

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A hassle free recipe to turn that pork skin into a easy and delicious snack or sandwich condiment

You'll Need...

  • Pork skin
  • Pork rub
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Zip lock bag


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Additional Notes

Sprinkle leftover pork rub over skin side and fat side of pork skin
Roll pork skin into a tube and add to a zip lock bag with red wine vinegar
Leave in fridge overnight or for the length of time for your pork shoulder to smoke
Remove from bag and thinly slice
Shallow fry in a lidded pan or a deep fryer for 5 minutes until crackling is crispy

Pork Crackling Bits