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Easy Grilled Pita Bread Pizzas

We’re in the middle of spring here and have enjoyed some lovely sunny weekends lately. It’s been beautiful sitting out on the deck soaking up the sun. Pita Bread Pizza has been a highlight for make your own pizza night for Sarah and I. The…

Green Meadows Beef Eye Fillet Pizza Slice

Eye Fillet Beef Pizza

Two members of the Carey Family from Green Meadows Beef were recently at Moore Wilson’s with a selection of their grass fed Angus beef products on display and on the barbie cooking up samples for shoppers to try. I took this opportunity to both, visit Moore…

Fresh Margherita Pizza Slice

Pizza Margherita

Now that the Weber has been set up as a pizza oven it is time to put it to the test with this simple Pizza Margherita recipe.  Pizza Margherita is made of three main ingredients, tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil Prepare the dough before preparing…

pizza oven pizza margherita

Using the Weber as a Pizza Oven

  I have grand plans of building a pizza oven in the backyard for the ultimate homemade pizza experience. Until then using the Weber as a pizza oven is the next best option, and I don’t mean buying the Weber Kettle Pizza Basic Kit either….