reverse seared new york strip steak perfect medium rare

Reverse Seared New York Strip Steak

A tender, thick cut piece of sirloin steak reverse seared to a perfect medium rare on a Weber Go-Anywhere portable grill seasoned simply with olive oil, salt and pepper. Classic, beautiful and delicious reverse seared steak hot off the grill.

reverse seared rib eye steak

Seared Rib Eye Steak

When Sarah is away, I will grill steak for myself. A huge 500 gram piece of rib eye steak with the bone in to be exact. Yabba dabba doo. I recently got given a Weber Gourmet System with sear plate for my birthday (Thanks Michael!) and…

eye fillet garlic butter hand cut chips

Eye Fillet with Garlic Butter

Eye fillet with garlic butter has quickly become a favourite dish of mine the last couple of weeks. When we have eaten out and I have seen this on the menu I have made sure that I have ordered. I have tried with various cuts…

Reverse Sear Method for Perfect Steak

Getting perfectly cooked medium rare steak every time is easy with the reverse sear method. Since originally publishing this post back in January 2014 I’ve seen the popularity of the reverse sear rise in popularity across the blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow. This…