eye fillet garlic butter hand cut chips

Eye Fillet with Garlic Butter

Eye fillet with garlic butter has quickly become a favourite dish of mine the last couple of weeks. When we have eaten out and I have seen this on the menu I have made sure that I have ordered. I have tried with various cuts of steak, sirloin, porterhouse, rib eye but have come to…

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smoked pork skewers bread roll

Grilled Smoky Pork Subs

The weathers’ been alright lately, albeit a bit cold. But that’s fine when the sky is blue, I can handle that. I can enjoy that. I really didn’t know what to call this recipe, grilled smoky pork subs is exactly what it is and how it was prepared. Pork, marinated in smoked paprika, grilled over…

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chilli lime wings horizontal

Beer Soaked Chilli Lime Wings

Coriander chilli and lime is a classic flavour combination that goes excellent with chicken. Todays post I want to share a recipe and photos for these Beer Soaked Chilli Lime Wings. It would be expected that adding beer, especially a american hopped pale ale would add to this combination thanks to the citrus notes. For…

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huevos veracrus over coals horizontal

Grilled Huevos Veracruz

This Huevos Veracruz dish is the first time that I have cooked breakfast on the Weber. It is Queens Birthday weekend here in New Zealand and long weekends are a perfect reason to have a cooked home made brunch. Prior to seeing this pop up on Another Pint Please I would have been oblivious to this was…

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sausage bacon cabbage fork

Sausage Bacon & Cabbage

Does the addition of cabbage to sausage and bacon make this dish a salad? I don’t think so. It is packed full of meat and settles a hunger after a long day topped off with a session at the gym. It’s carbless and has BACON so might appeal to all your paleo fans out there….

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grilled chicken parmesan

Grilled Chicken Parmesan

This chicken parmesan is a bit of a deviation from the classic recipe that you may find elsewhere. Just as you would normally, prepare a fresh sauce over the stove top and prepare your fresh crumb. I would really like to stress preparing the sauce yourself, it just adds so much flavour and colour to…

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stuffed sausage tube

Sausage Making with Rachel Priestley – The Prodigal Daughter

On Wednesday night after work we headed out to Lyall Bay to Crave Cooking School for a sausage making workshop with Rachel Priestly – The Prodigal Daughter. This fun event was put on by Lucy Mutch of Wellington Foodies. Rachel has spent 10 years previously in Italy honing her culinary skills and opening restaurants. Now she…

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