grilled spiced lamb kebabs featured

Grilled Spiced Lamb Kebabs

Have I mentioned that we’re in the midst of winter here in Wellington? I think I have. This weekend was no exception. Sarah has been busy on the weekends with her involvement with Ballet is for Everyone where her group is providing ballet lessons for kids who may not have the means for formal ballet…

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homemade double down featured

Homemade Double Down

Homemade double down alert! I repeat, homemade double down alert. There are two people in this world. People who love KFC, and those who don’t want anything to do with it. Luckily today’s blog post caters for both types of people. The goodness of this KFC inspired burger with the benefits of home cooking. So…

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last meal ribs

Last Meal Ribs

I’ve been quite lucky these last couple of weeks with friends dropping round with nice cuts of meat asking for the smoker treatment. I’m always down for this and will never turn away a friend in need. My brother is back in the country visiting before heading back to London next weekend so we had…

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wild pork tacos featured

Wild Pork Tacos

A good friend of mine is very particular with how his food is sourced. I have no issues with this as this particular time he ended up with a wild boar shoulder from a friends farm over the Wairarapa that he was keen for me to give the barbecue treatment. So this started a day…

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grilled avocado guacamole corn chip

Grilled Avocado Guacamole

We use guacamole for a few dishes we make regularly, burgers, tacos, nachos or by itself as a dip for corn chips. To change things up every once and a while I like to grill the avocado before mashing it up with the other ingredients. I fire up the grill for the sake of grilling…

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grilled corn in husk

How to Grill Corn on the Cob

I’ve always had in the back of my mind, how would you go about grilling corn on the cob. Well, it doesn’t take much effort at all. Corn is fantastic, especially when it is cooked just right and juicy and full of flavour! I don’t really eat too much corn, but now that I’ve got…

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