planked bacon wrapped asparagus

Planked Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

I’ve seen a lot of planked food items around, mostly fish or chicken wings. But once I got my hands on some cedar planks, I went straight to bacon wrapped asparagus. Since then I like to serve this dish alongside anything that is cooked on the grill, it is a fantastic side and is always…

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pulled pork smoked on the mini wsm

Pulled Pork on the Smokey Joe Mini WSM

Naturally the first thing I tried on my newly completed Mini WSM was a pork shoulder for a dose of delicious pulled pork. I have written about pulled pork on a Weber kettle previously – while this method is still perfectly valid if you have a dedicated smoker available – why not make it easier on…

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smokey joe mini wsm

Smokey Joe Mini WSM

The latest addition to my outdoor cooking arsenal is my new Smokey Joe Mini WSM. This started out life as a Weber Smokey Joe Silver and with a few extra bits and pieces, is now a competent little smoker. Weber produces three models of the Smokey Mountain: Smokey Mountain Cooker 22” Smokey Mountain Cooker 18”…

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eye fillet garlic butter hand cut chips

Eye Fillet with Garlic Butter

Eye fillet with garlic butter has quickly become a favourite dish of mine the last couple of weeks. When we have eaten out and I have seen this on the menu I have made sure that I have ordered. I have tried with various cuts of steak, sirloin, porterhouse, rib eye but have come to…

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smoked pork skewers bread roll

Grilled Smoky Pork Subs

The weathers’ been alright lately, albeit a bit cold. But that’s fine when the sky is blue, I can handle that. I can enjoy that. I really didn’t know what to call this recipe, grilled smoky pork subs is exactly what it is and how it was prepared. Pork, marinated in smoked paprika, grilled over…

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chilli lime wings horizontal

Beer Soaked Chilli Lime Wings

Coriander chilli and lime is a classic flavour combination that goes excellent with chicken. Todays post I want to share a recipe and photos for these Beer Soaked Chilli Lime Wings. It would be expected that adding beer, especially a american hopped pale ale would add to this combination thanks to the citrus notes. For…

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huevos veracrus over coals horizontal

Grilled Huevos Veracruz

This Huevos Veracruz dish is the first time that I have cooked breakfast on the Weber. It is Queens Birthday weekend here in New Zealand and long weekends are a perfect reason to have a cooked home made brunch. Prior to seeing this pop up on Another Pint Please I would have been oblivious to this was…

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